President's Message



It is with great pleasure that I pen this message as the President of THE CENTRAL COLLEGES PAST PUPILS ASSOCIATION OF SRI LANKA (CCPPASL).

I consider it as a privilege and I am honored by being elected as the President for the year 2017/18 of this esteem association formed by a very eminent past pupils of Central Colleges in 1960. The membership of the association comprise of past pupils of 54 Central Colleges established in each (then) electorate under the free education concept of Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara who was known as “The Father of free education”.The emergence of Central Colleges in Sri Lanka paved the way for the development of education and provided many opportunities to students particularly in the rural sector to compete with their counterparts from affluent urban families for high positions in all professions.

During the last few decades of its existence the CCPPASL has under the able leadership of very energetic Past Presidents done a yeomen service to uphold the mission of Dr. Kannangara and especially supported Central Colleges in numerous ways with the commitment of our membership who have always volunteered to show their gratitude as the beneficiaries of this marvelous concept of free education.

Apart from working towards our main objective of safe guarding the free education and especially the central college concept, the association has also provided a great opportunity for past pupils of central colleges from all parts of the country to gather, meet and interact with each and create a strong social network of people with common interest and of unique central colleges culture.

As the president of this great association I am confident that with the support and cooperation of the Executive Council and the National Council and together with the entire membership the Central Colleges Past Pupils of Sri Lanka could continue to play a major role in safe guarding the free education and specially promoting the concept of central colleges in the country to keep the dream of the great educationist Dr. C. W. W. Kannagara alive.

Dharmasena Kahandawa